Innovator Capital recently hosted the annual CleanEquity Monaco to celebrate the innovative mission’s 10th anniversary. The event displayed 32 of the world’s leading technologies in sustainable energy and other groundbreaking inventions that promise a better future for tomorrow.

Business giants such as Monaco’s Gerard Cohen attended the event, stating that “the future in CleanEquity is very exciting. Every year it is fascinating to witness such great minds presenting their technologies. CleanEquity should not be overlooked, as it is full of exciting technologies, and great opportunities for investment.”

This year, CEO of Vantage Power, Alexander Shey, a 28-year old visionary, shared some of his thoughts pertaining to the electric car he built and drove along the longest road to ever endure such a feat. Other technological pioneers attended the event, sharing their contributions for the future. Prince Albert II of Monaco awarded three innovative businesses as the winners of this year’s event: AgriProtein, KDC Agribusiness, and Iceotope Technologies.

AgriProtein’s goal is to feed the world efficiently and healthily. The group of innovators uses fly larvae to create MagMeal and MagOil; two greater alternatives to fishmeal. Besides being awarded with the Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Research award at CleanEquity Monaco, the environmental friendly business has claimed several other awards of greatness for their dedication towards a better tomorrow. AgriProtein has raised over $30 million dollars, and plans to expand factory construction in various regions.

KDC Agribusiness was awarded with the Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Development award for their astounding formula that creates safe and ecofriendly compost. The KDC liquid mimics the human digestive system, turning organic waste material into efficient fertilizer. It is no wonder they were granted an award, for KDC Agribusiness has not just revolutionized fertilizer, but they have produced a greener alternative to waste management.

Iceotope Technologies was another environmental pioneer that claimed an award. The UK based visionaries have created a liquid cooling platform that aids in problems that arise in the IT industry. For solving the problem of over-heating electronics, Iceotope Technologies was praised with the Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Commercialization award. Currently, they collaborate with dozens of IT companies who seek their revolutionary liquid cooling platform—one that is compatible with any IT.

The next CleanEquity Monaco will be held in March of 2018. The anticipation is grand, given the greatness that was shared this year. With such formidable investment opportunities, the CleanEquity community is not just helping the environment, but they are boosting the global economy with efficient, innovative, and cost affective technologies. The world is looking brighter, and our futures much clearer with the existence of CleanEquity. As great minds continue to raise the bar in technologies that promote environmental advocacy, a better home for us, and the generations to flourish solidifies in the future ahead.

Photo: © freshidea / Adobe Stock