Gérard Cohen – decorated and references from Principality of Monaco


It’s not everybody who gets a reference from the Principality of Monaco, but Gérard Cohen is one of the lucky ones. However, Gérard is decorated with two medals from the Principality of Monaco. He was awarded the Ordre de Saint Charles, for services to the State or the Prince. This order is the oldest order of merit, which was created by decree on 15 March 1858. It was then modified in 1966, but it remains the most prestigious order in Monaco.

Cohen was awarded the Ordre du Mérite Culturel also. This award was created by decree on 31 December 1952, by His Serene Highness Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. This medal is a reward for people who have participated in the arts, letters and/or science through their work or teaching in Monaco.

You may wonder why a CEO in the private banking sector would be awarded such prestigious awards, but when you look at Cohen’s professional and philanthropic career, it makes complete sense. Cohen built and run the most successful bank in Monaco, the HSBC Private Bank, which made record-breaking profit and dealt with some of Monaco’s wealthiest residents. Not only that, but Cohen also founded the International School Of Monaco, and has played an important role in a number of different non-governmental organisations.

Cohen held positions on the International Council for both the Guggenheim Museum New York and the Tate Modern London. Likewise, he remains the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International School Of Monaco, which passed from 32 students in 1994 to over 660 in 2017.An incredible growth

Not only that, Cohen is the Director of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, and member of the Board of the Helmut Newton Foundation, the Princess Grace Foundation New York, and the Action Innocence Group. The Helmut Newton Foundation aims to promote and preserve the photographic art of Helmut Newton and his wife, June, while the Princess Grace Foundation aims to recognise and support emerging artists within dance, theatre and film. The Princess Grace Foundation does this by awarding grants – in the form of scholarships, apprenticeships and fellowships – to emerging talent to encourage artistic excellence.

The Action Innocence Group is an organisation that prides itself on promoting the dignity and integrity of children on the internet. Cohen is also a member of the Association les Enfants de Frankie, an organisation that organises activities and events for disadvantaged and sick children.