In 2014, a new law was proposed to the Monegasque Parliament in Monaco. The legislation has caused much controversy throughout the Parliamentary, and even three years later, a decision has still not correlated to agreement.  The issue of providing a legal basis for Multi-Family Offices (MFO’s) has become a fiery subject, rampant with conflicting views and concerns for the National Council of Monaco.

Amidst the conflicts, experts and economic veterans have concluded that MFO activity is dire to economic growth, and sustenance. MFO expert Thierry Crovetto explores both sides of the debate, and finds MFO advocacy in his conclusion. A veteran private banker, and economic specialist, Gerard Cohen, stresses that MFO activity will keep Monaco economically afloat.

MFO’s do not yet exist in Monaco, as a law protecting them still flies in debate. The law was drafted, and set aside to mingle and wait for a congressional deadline. The matter was supposed to be addressed and dealt with by December 2015—however, differences in opinions have put a hold on any progress, and a compromise is still on the horizon.

The largest issue seems to lay in the concern that big banks, asset managers, and other big financers will be granted the opportunity to establish their businesses as MFOs. Thierry Crovetto further elaborated on this controversy, sharing with Investment Europe that the latter “is entirely denaturing the activity of multi-family offices, which in opinion of Monegasque national counsellors, shall be independent.”

Various Monaco businesses have also grown concerned of MFOs floating up to the legal surface, particularly in the legal sectors. Lawyers are worried that MFOs will pave the wave for unlicensed legal advice opportunities to arise, and certain important departments may become obsolete. Nonetheless, and abundance of debate set aside, MFO activity is dire to economic growth in Monaco.

One asset that MFO establishment has been associated with is the enticement of high-net-worth families, conclusively drawing in wealthier counterparts to the economy. Many MFOs are being chased out of Monaco, chasing economic opportunities away to off-shore markets. Crovetto stresses that “on-shore” MFOs would advocate “other financial and non-financial Monegasque activities.”

Crovetto is not the only expert who stands strongly next to the implementation of MFOs in Monaco. Another veteran of economics, one who has been working wonders in the Monaco financial and bank sectors for nearly four decades, entrepreneur and business giant, Gerard Cohen, agrees with Crovetto.

I’ve been in this business for almost 40 years, and I can say with 100% certainty that MFO implementation in Monaco is not just important for growing our economy, but this legislature is crucial for maintaining our economy altogether. If we do not take this next step ahead, then we may very well fall behind.” – Gérard Cohen


Photo © pics721 / Adobe Stock