The world of finance is always withstanding constant change. One could even coincide the global finance sector to the tumultuous churning of our own earth’s growth—falling and rising, always turning, and evolving with each new age.

FinTech is tangible proof of the never-ending evolution in the finance world. Mobile banking has dominated the way most people organize their finances, and with astounding apps such as Robinhood, even stock exchange has completely turned towards a digital age. Undoubtedly, FinTech has made a grave impact on the global finance sector, so a lot of uneasiness goes around when FinTech global M&A seemingly plummets. Should you be worried? Monaco’s Gerard Cohen doesn’t think so.

FinTech investments have dropped from 4.15 billion (USD) to 3.2 billion between Q4 in 2016 and Q1 in 2017, and investments have been nearly cut in half when compared to Q1 in 2016. FinTech giants such as iZettle, Atom Bank, and Funding Circle aided in lucrative investments. The United States led the investment race with 1.2 billion, while Europe tailed behind with 610 million and China contributed merely 406 million for investment. So, what happened?

The global leader in FinTech, Ian Pollari, told PrivateEquityWire that FinTech investors are homing in on investment returns and performance statistics more than they ever have before. Technological deficiencies are the root of this problem, forcing FinTech investors to take a step back before contributing. However, Pollari remains optimistic. A Monaco entrepreneur and finance giant, Gerard Cohen shares Pollari’s optimism.

“A lot of people are getting worried,” says Cohen, “but how many times have we seen this before in different sectors? The finance world will never fall, and when it has found itself on uneasy ground, the latter always results in improvement. Some people are really worried, but they have to remember that this quarterly drop will result in the inevitable improvement of FinTech companies. The pressure is on, and I feel very optimistic that the Fintech Companies will rise to the plate, and use the pressure to bring forth innovation.” 

There is much truth in Gerard Cohen’s words, and although it may be a scary time for Fintech Global Investments, new FinTech businesses are sprouting up in newfound locations; countries such as Slovakia and Poland. If established Fintech businesses cannot step it up, then these FinTech frontiers will gladly make up the deficits. The fall of one empire will always result in the rise of another, and from this bump in the road, innovative efficiency is bound to happen. It’s just a matter of time.

Photo: © tofu_khai1980 / Adobe Stock